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e-SL4EU » PR 3

PR 3

Time range: October 2022 – October 2023

E-Service-learning guideline for community partners

From October 2022 until October 2023, all partners implemented the survey between community partners. We approached 10 community partner in total, and based on their recommendations, we prepared the first version of the manual. Partners commented on the first draft, and based on the feedback, we provided a second version of the guide.

This manual is dedicated to the community partners involved or planning to be involved in the e-Service-learning (e-SL) projects. It should improve your understanding of e-SL and prepare you for participation in the mutual beneficiary partnership in e-SL projects with university students and teachers. It should help you to:

  • understand e-SL as a teaching and learning methodology;
  • understand the specifics of e-SL;
  • distinguish e-SL from other community-oriented activities;
  • be aware of the benefit of e-SL for your organization;
  • understand your roles and responsibilities in the process of planning, implementation, and evaluation of e-SL;
  • facilitate students’ learning in e-SL projects.

We developed this guide following a comprehensive and collaborative process. This involved gathering expert insights, engaging in in-depth discussions with stakeholders, and utilising feedback from preliminary users. This rigorous approach ensures the content is relevant and beneficial for its intended audience. We hope you find the insights and recommendations provided here valuable as you navigate the intricacies of e-SL.

From November 2023 we are using the manual to pilot e-service-learning projects with community partners. After the piloting (in June 2024), we will collect feedback from community partners and prepare, based on the input, the final version of the manual.