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e-SL4EU » News » 5th European Conference on Service Learning in Higher Education

5th European Conference on Service Learning in Higher Education

The European Association of Service-Learning in Higher Education (EASLHE) and the European Observatory of Service-Learning in Higher Education (EOSLHE) are the drivers of service-learning collaboration, mapping, institutionalization, policymaking and scholarly activities. EASLHE and EOSLHE carry out research elaborated in the report Institutionalization of Service-Learning in European Higher Education ( besides three annual research reports and the Guidelines for the Institutionalization of Service-Learning in Higher Education.

The Observatory is a permanent space for cooperation and exchange among all researchers and practitioners of Service-Learning in European higher education. It aims to strengthen and disseminate the knowledge of service-learning in higher education in Europe, promoting the educational approach that enhances students’ civic engagement and brings them closer to different social realities while allowing them to work in a real environment. It contains the repository of service-learning (SL) experiences and the repository of good practices in SL, including e-SL, the catalogue of European SL projects, national and international SL networks, as well as mapping of SL experiences in Europe and in response to Covid-19, which are mostly e-SL experiences. 

You can register to become an EASLHE Member and share your e-SL experience, good practices, piece of news or other relevant information through the blog. 

On top of it, this website contains all the details about the European Conference on Service-Learning in Higher Education that will take place online, on October 6th& 7thFree registration is STILL OPEN, click here to register.