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PR 5

Time range: January 2023 – October 2023

Evaluation methodology and materials for the assessment and communication of the e-SL community impact

From January 2023 until October 2023 we implemented desk research to explore existing tools and methodologies used to measure the impact on the community. Based on the literature review, we prepared the first version of the evaluation methodology. Partners provided feedback on the first draft, and based on the feedback, the second draft was created.

Service-learning would not be possible without community involvement. Effective and sustainable service-learning depends on mutually beneficial partnerships between the university and the community.  Evaluation of the service-learning community impact is necessary for the university and teachers implementing service-learning to learn what can be improved in the service-learning process regarding the service part and how to provide a higher quality of service in service-learning. Another reason for this evaluation is the possibility of presenting the results and benefits of the university to the community in front of the public, in the media, and in front of the donors.

The “Evaluation methodology and materials for the assessment and communication of the e-SL community impact” is designed to help HE teachers develop the plan for the community impact evaluation most suited to their needs. The guide is structured into three main sections; one focuses on evaluating and assessing the impact of SL and e-SL on the community and broader society, and the second on how to communicate this impact to raise public awareness of service-learning’s value to the communities and society. The last part is compromised by a selection of concrete tools that can help measure the service-learning community impact.

The guide should also help the universities to establish partnerships based on the idea of mutually beneficial relationships and the consideration of community needs.

From November 2023 we are using the methodology to pilot e-service-learning projects with community partners. After the piloting (in June 2024), we will collect feedback from teachers and prepare, based on the input, the final version of the manual. We are also planning to include examples of measuring the impact gathered during the piloting of the real e-SL projects.