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e-SL4EU » News » Meeting of the local focus group from LUMSA University (8.06.2022)

Meeting of the local focus group from LUMSA University (8.06.2022)

The LUMSA local focus group took place on June 8th, 2022 with 10 people attending online (via Zoom). In total, there were 4 students (two from psychology, two from the education department), 3 researchers (two in education, one in psychology), 2 academic teachers (education and psychology) and 1 community partner (ELIS NGO).

The meeting’s objective was to validate the definitions and lists of Design Principles (DPs) and Quality elements (QEs) of e-Service-Learning, created by the e-SL4EU project team.

During the discussion, it emerged that DPs are guidelines that are used when designing, whereas EQs are the verifiable elements in the field that can tell us how the project has achieved certain results. Particularly interesting was the use of 3 metaphors to reflect on the important elements to be included in the lists:

  • the mirror metaphor: participants were invited to look at themselves and their direct experiences. We asked them to think of a successful e-SL project and to list the quality elements and design principles present;
  • the microscope metaphor: participants were invited to look at things closely, and in-depth. We asked the participants to read the items on the two lists (divided into groups, one for DP, the other one for QE) and to give feedback on what to change, delete and add.
  • the binocular metaphor: participants were invited to look towards the future. We asked them to look at the future of e-Service-Learning and tell us which design principles and quality elements should not be missing in a growing integration of SL and digital technologies.

The results of the local LUMSA focus group were added to the results of the other partners, to redefine definitions and lists of DP and QE to be finally validated in an international focus group hosted on 21 June 2022.