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e-SL4EU » News » Virtual meeting of the national focus groups

Virtual meeting of the national focus groups

In June 2022, teams implementing the e-SL4EU project organized and conducted meetings with the participation of national focus groups. Their participants were academics, students, librarians, social and environmental activists. During the hybrid meetings, the following principles of SL, developed under the e-SL4EU project, were discussed:

  • a combination of different pedagogical and didactic theories to effectively combine them in this widely recognized and innovative pedagogy,
  • student involvement,
  • constructive adjustment of students’ activity to the assumed learning outcomes,
  • integration of project participants in multidisciplinary teams.

As part of the discussion, attention was drawn to the need to implement e-SL projects with flexible assumptions to enable students to choose the way of working and grouping according to their personal preferences and to use such available digital resources that will allow the design of service activities around specific social challenges.

The main conclusion of the debate is that in e-SL, striving for a robust and mutual partnership between universities and the community is a process worth undertaking, although the activities carried out do not always result in complete interaction with the beneficiaries.

Focus group from the University of Zagreb
Focus group from the University of Silesia in Katowice