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e-SL4EU » PR 1

PR 1

Time range: December 2021 – July 2022

This stage was to design principles of e-SL projects and define quality elements for each process step. During this stage, all university partners worked on defining the principles for the eSL4EU trainers course. Leading organization: Libera Universita Maria Ss. Assunta Di Roma (LUMSA, Italy).

  • XII 2021 – I 2022: For this purpose, all partners analyzed the literature (scientific articles) on e-SL and created a database of information on e-SL.
  • I 2022: LUMSA sent the proposal for the methodology of the co-design session for all partners.
  • III – IV 2022: All partners organized a co-design session for proposing design principles and quality elements for an e-SL trainers course.
  • V 2022: All partners proposed the first list of design principles and quality elements for the course.
  • VI 2022: The local and international focus group meetings were held with experts to validate the design principles and quality elements.
  • VI – VII 2022: Elaborating the final version of the design principles and quality elements for the e-SL course for trainers.

Culcasi, I., Cinque, M., Manasia, L., & Ianos, G. (2023). e-Service-Learning for more digital and inclusive EU Higher Education systems: a new e-SL Design Framework. RIDAS, Revista Iberoamericana de Aprendizaje- Servicio, 16, 159-182. ISNN 2339-9341. DOI 10.1344/RIDAS2023.16.10.