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e-SL4EU » News » Pilot of the online course „E-društveno korisno učenje” on e-Service Learning in Croatia

Pilot of the online course “E-društveno korisno učenje” on e-Service Learning in Croatia

The Croatian version of the interactive self-paced e-course e-Service-Learning for more digital and inclusive EU Higher Education systems that has been developed as part of the e-SL4EU project will be piloted at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences of the University of Zagreb.

The course E-društveno korisno učenje will be presented in the computer room of the Library of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences on 12.6.2023 at 9 am.

All academic teachers and lecturers from the University of Zagreb and other Croatian universities who are interested to include e-SL and emerging instructional design in their teaching practice are invited to take part in this event.

Participants in this course will learn key characteristics of e-Service-Learning (e-SL) and will be provided with training tools for the adoption of e-SL to build inclusive higher education systems. They will get access to the e-course and by completing the course they will learn how to engage their students in e-SL projects and how to teach other teachers to adopt e-SL with the emphasis on inclusion.

In Units 1-4 participants can learn about the theory of e-SL and instructional design. Unit 5 brings instructional design options and Unit 6 provides examples of good practices from diverse study fields from different EU countries. Finally, in Unit 7 academic teachers will learn how to design their own e-SL course.

If you are interested in participating in the on-site presentation of the online course, please send an email Nives Mikelic Preradovic at no later than June 1st 2023 and confirm your participation. Afterwards you will receive a mail with login information and a user manual.

The e-course is developed by the e-SL4EU consortium.