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e-SL4EU » News » Partner meeting at LUMSA, 7-10 February 2023

Partner meeting at LUMSA, 7-10 February 2023

The second live meeting of the project “e-Service Learning for a Stronger Digital and Inclusive EU Higher Education” (funded by the EU – Erasmus+ KA2 Programme) was hosted by LUMSA University (Rome) on 7-10 February 2023. Representatives of all partner universities of the e-SL4EU Consortium participated in the workshop.

The participants were welcomed by Prof. Patrizia Bertini Malgarini, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities (Communication, Education, Psychology)
During the four-day workshop, the following activities took place:

  • intensive training sessions in creating H5P content in Moodle (H5P interactive videos, creating quizzes with different content types, H5P scenarios, voice recording and text-to-speech, gamification)
  • uploading the content of the course in native languages onto the MOD Platform (Moodle platform for e-service-learning course) – initial stage
  • discussions about the progress of the project to date and upcoming deadlines.